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   I recently had an experience that shook my culinary foundations. More specifically my love of pies. It came in the form of a cinnamon influenced trance.



   Yesterday I was talking with a great friend of mine. He has lived here in South Central Idaho all of his life and is well steeped in the colloquialisms of this area. These bits of local lingo are what I wish to discuss today.


   During our conversation there was a reoccurring phrase that kept popping up.

Well here goes my very first blog entry. First off thank you for reading. I really appreciate it.

Here you will find some musings that would be kind of difficult to convey on air. Somethings are just not meant to be on radio. Not that they are bad, just that they don't translate in that media.

For my first entry I would like to talk about my recent absence from the air.