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“You don’talwaysknow what’s around the next curve,but you take that roadanyway. That’s what makes it beautiful.”–Granger Smith on the path he’s taking nowThe power of music has always been in Granger Smith’s hands, even when he didn’t knowit. When people need hope, his songs inspires it.Whenpeople are in a tough spot, he shows thema way out. When people are looking for purpose, he is proof that sometimes purpose finds you. That’s what country music has done for Smith. And that’s the true measure of a bona fide artist: when you can share a little bit of yourself with every story you tell and every picture you paint. After the kind of year Smith had --we all had --he decided to let his music do the healing. Not just for himself, but for anyonewho needs to hear songs that let them know they’re not alone on whatever road they’re taking.

And it’s been a long time coming.  

Granger Smith After MidNight airs nightly from MIdnight to 6AM on Kat Kountry 106!

I’m Lia. The host. The Facilitator. The sticky substance that holds the stories together with the songs. I’m the gal who can’t for the life of me keep a secret yet everyone seems to tell me their secrets anyway. I love my job. I’m happily married to the luckiest guy on earth, Chad. I have 4 kids. All of them smart, spoiled and love country music. In my spare time, I play word games, mind games and lock myself in the bathroom for 5 minutes of peace at least once a day.  Here’s a secret about me:  I never talk on the phone when I’m not at work. That could be because I do it every night for hours.  My sisters complain constantly about me never calling them back. Even my husband occasionally goes to voice mail. We have 3 dogs and spend as much spare time as we can on our boat. Even holidays like Christmas and New Years, we are on that boat.

As far as this show goes, I just want you to know that we all work very hard each night to put this thing together. I’m so lucky to have such a great team of people to work with. I’ve hosted The Lia Show for more years than I care to count, however I feel like over those years I’ve grown up on the air and I love my job.