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   So the other day I was watching a Ted Talks and it was on procrastination. In this talk the presenter was referring to his Instant Gratification Monkey. At first I was like "what is an Instant Gratification Monkey?'. Well here is what it is and how it effects my life....

     I have always been a procrastinator. It is something that has haunted me all my life. Throughout my 42 years on God's green Earth I have learned some coping mechanisms to help me deal with this part of my personality and to help me function in a society that is hyper focused on productivity both in your personal life and in a professional setting. So why is it that I have this quirk in my personality? Simple, God has blessed me with an Instant Gratification Monkey.

    The Phenomenon known as the Instant Gratification Monkey is that part of a procrastinators brain that says " sure we could do that now but this other thing is so much more fun, let's do it". The IGM has no care for your income, your wife's wants or needs, providing for your children, your friends, or even in some cases hygiene.  IGM wants what it wants and it wants it NOW! If you don't tend to the needs of IGM it will start throwing a fit until it gets what it wants. No matter how hard you try to deny IGM it will only get worse to the point you are unable to concentrate on anything else. For example I will be at work trying to complete tasks (Like writing this article) when all of a sudden IGM pops up and says wouldn't it be more fun to scroll through our Facebook feed. I of course say "no, we need to finish this article" but IGM then gets mad, real mad and starts throwing a fit until I give IGM what it wants. Oh and I'm not even going to tell you how many times IGM makes me check the tracking on a package when we make an online order and when the package hasn't moved for a couple hours IGM goes full on ballistic.  Can I shut IGM up? Yeah, sometimes. But IGM is persistent and mounts a stern counter attack. Only through precise scheduling and extreme concentration can I beat IGM.

    So then what happens when we continue to give IGM what it wants? Well as a team IGM and myself get into situations that sometimes have disastrous consequences. We work hand in hand, in perfect lock step like a well oiled machine to put things off that NEED to be done in order to do the things that IGM wants to do. The fun things that sometimes pop at random out of nowhere. We are a team. We are a team right up to the point where it is time to pay the piper and then..........IGM is nowhere to be found. IGM disappears so fast that you would never know IGM existed. And who is left holding the bag? Me. I am left to atone for everything all by myself. Things didn't get done and my IGM left me to deal with the fallout. IGM accept no responsibility for its actions.  Coward!

    There are ways to sedate IGM, ways to keep IGM from popping up on a consistent basis. Make lists, this is the number one way to kick IGM square in the butt. Making lists turns IGM on itself. How? IGM hates seeing things on a list and one of the most satisfying things IGM can do is to cross an item off of a list. This sends IGM into state of complete satisfaction. IGM loves crossing things off of a list more than anything else in the world, even more than a YouTube rabbit hole. IGM needs immediate gratification and finishing a list is the pinnacle for IGM. Number Two, learning to concentrate and drive out all external stimuli. This keeps IGM from being able to even get close to you. It takes will power and extreme focus on the task at hand but is another powerful tool in your arsenal. Number three, make IGM a promise. Make a deal with IGM that if it lets you finish the things that NEED to get done you will be happy to play with IGM and do ALL of the things it wants to do. But be honest with IGM don't make promises that you don't intend to keep, you must do your part so you can go play with IGM if you don't, IGM will not trust you anymore and will only become more persistent.

   The three strategies that I have laid out for you will take practice and effort. But they are worth it. They will give you power over IGM and empower you to take control of your life. Remember there are consequences to letting IGM run amok. Sometimes dire consequences.  If you have an IGM I applaud you for even being able to finish this article and hope this article will help you out just a bit. If you don't have an IGM then you are one lucky.............

 Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions or comments please email me

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Best of Luck

Scotty Cameron