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So I have to admit that I have done tons of interviews before. But this one got my heart racing and had me all excited.

A chance to interview Mike Rowe from Dirty jobs, the narrator for Deadliest Catch, and now from the show Returning the Favor was a new highlight to my career. Gina and I spent all morning preparing the interview. We did tons of research and I even practiced my delivery over and over to the point Gina asked me how many more times I was going to keep doing it. I never practice but I wanted to be flawless for this interview. We waited with giddy anticipation for 8:30 to come and the closer it got the more my heart raced. Then smack dab at 8:30 the phone rang, I picked it up and with the coolest voice I could muster said “ good morning, the Kat” just like I have done thousands of times before. Yes, on the other end of the line in his wonderful baritone voice it was Mike Row saying “hi this is Mike Rowe looking for Scotty & Gina” it was a watershed moment in my life.

Please take the time to listen to this interview. Mr. Rowe explains the show Returning the Favor and tells about the Charity Sleeping In Heavenly Peace in Twin Falls that he helped.

Here is the link to Returning the Favor where you can view on Facebook Watch

and Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Thank you for taking the time to watch and read,

Scotty Cameron