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  There in a new drug that has taken hold of me. I am powerless against my new addiction. I think about it all the time. In my waking hours the need to get my next fix is almost unbearable. I have dreams about how I will make my next score. What is it that has so much power over me…?


   Tamales. Pure and simple these steamed masa encased bits of goodness are the things dreams are made of. I feel like a kid on Christmas as I unwrap the corn husks from my present. The sweet and earthy smell invades my nose taking over the logic centers in my brain demanding that I place this packet of goodness into my mouth. The Corn masa gives way to the spicy meaty goodness that has been skillfully place inside by the artisan that made these golden treasures. Then as the explosion of flavor begins to take over my senses I am taken to that special place where all is good in the world.  


 However, acquiring a dozen or two can feat of patients. It took me three days to pin some down and the process reminded me of running a deal on the black market. Thanks to social media and buy and sell groups I was able to locate a source.  I contacted the maker of my obsession and make a plan to meet and exchange money for tamales. I drive to the agreed upon location at the prescribed time and begin to anticipate her arrival. After about five minutes I saw her vehicle round the corner and my heart rate started to rise. She pulled into the parking lot and I noticed something that I did not anticipate. I was not alone. People started to get out of their cars and approach the tamale lady. I was not the only one needing a fix. We swarmed her like a cluster of gnats on a hot summer night. We all lined up like good boys and girls and waited our time with the purveyor of yumminess.  I got my tamales and retreated to my home to indulge myself in satiating my addiction.  


  How long can I keep this up? I don’t know. I only hope that I’m able to keep a good supply for as long as it takes for me to overcome this need for steamed corn and meat wonder. And to those of you that are blessed with the skill to make tamales, Keep up the good work and I will see you again when it’s time for my next hit.


Thank you for taking the time to read,

Scotty Cameron