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When I first moved to Idaho I had no intentions of staying here. I only came out to move my mom and sister here, then I was headed back the first chance I got. I was a young 19 year old Oklahoma boy back in May of 1995 and wanted nothing to do with Idaho.  Here is why I stayed.


   I started working at the Hub Plaza as a means to fund my life here while I was living with my mother. I became friends with William. He was the husband of a woman that I was working with there.  One day he decided that he was going to take me on a trip to The City of Rocks. I had never left the Mini-Cassia area at that time so I was game for an outing. As we rounded the corner into the park I was awestruck by the landscape. I could not believe the wonder that was beginning to unfold before my eyes. The tall rock formations that were surrounded by the stunted Sagebrush were breathtaking. They just seemed to spring from the valley floor like they had been cultivated by some giant rock farmer. It was beautiful.


  I soon came to understand that scenery like The City of Rocks is more of a rule here than the exception. William took me on more trips. We went out on the deserts north of here. He took me up to Pomerelle and showed me the view of the valley from the look out there. He took me to the fire lookout on top of the mountain and to Lake Cleveland. We played on the Snake River and took fishing trips to Bishops Hole and Milner.. It was safe to say that with each trip I fell deeper in love with the phenomenal beauty that Idaho had to offer.  She was now my mistress, and I could not leave. Even something as simple as a trip to Malta to visit my Mother-In-Law provides views of wonderment as is evident by the picture above.


  Idaho is diverse in her beauty. She provides contrast with a variety of landscapes. Not only that, but a multitude of recreational activities to go along with them. I count myself blessed to live here and be able to drink in the beauty each and every day. And plenty of diversity to keep my ADHD mind engaged.