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   I have always loved harvest time. I only really started to understand what harvest was all about when I went to work for the Searle family driving truck. I drove a “Ten Wheeler” hauling the potatoes and sugar beets from the field to either the cellar for potatoes or the beet dump for the beets. It was this experience that helped me to understand why I could feel a

special energy in the air during the harvest.


  For starters, coming from Oklahoma I’d always heard about the famous Idaho potatoes and here I was a part of bringing these “Gems” to market. It gave me a feeling that I was a part of something special, a part of something that would affect not only my neighbors locally but something that would help the entire world.  I had eaten potatoes all of my life and here I was, driving tons of them to be distributed amongst the citizens of the world. Of course I felt the same about those clunky sugar beets that were loaded into my truck as well. I mean who doesn’t love sugar.


   There was a palpable energy in the air. The farmers would work as hard as they could for as long as they could. No matter what stood in their way they would always push through. Breakdowns, weather, logistics, and even personnel issues they always found a way to get the job done. The farmers and those involved in the operation would work with a fervor that was not present during the rest of the year. It was a sight to behold. They did it because they knew the finish line was just around the corner and the fulfillment of an unspoken promise. A promise that if they worked hard and did not quit. That if they were faithful to the task at hand and stayed the course they would be rewarded with the chance to do it all over again the next year.


   The things we do are like ripples in a pond. They start out small and as time goes on they get bigger and bigger. This goes for actions both good and bad. The actions of these farmers ripple out as well. You see in the quest to make good on their part of the deal in this contract of work and reward something larger starts to form. The seasonal employees would have extra means to live their lives, they in turn spend that money in town to bring jobs and income to others, and that money would do the same for the storekeepers as well and world would be able to eat. So it’s not only the farmers working to fulfill a promise for the next year, but Idaho fulfilling a promise to the world.