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    I started this day off in a not so stellar manner. I woke up, got ready, hopped in my Suburban and pulled out of the lane. After I made it down the road about a hundred yards I noticed that my Suburban was not handling like it should.

So I did the judicious thing and stopped and got out to look at my tires. Sure enough the tire on the rear passenger wheel was flat. Of course despair hit me smack dab in the face as this is the only vehicle that I own. I walked back in the house and mentioned this to my wife who was trying to get back to sleep at this early hour. She quickly made the suggestion that we call our neighbor and ask to borrow his truck. Here is where my day started t6o look up. Dustin answered the phone, my wife told him what had happened and asked if I might use his rig to get to and from work today. Without hesitation he agreed to loan me his outfit.


  It is this spirit of neighborhood that brings me to this entry. You see, to Dustin it was something as simple as borrowing me his truck for the day, but to me it was a day saver.  I know I have said this on the air many times before, but we DO live in the greatest community in the world. We as neighbors look after our fellow community members without hesitation. We do this like it is second nature. We bring food to those that need it. We give shelter to those without. We loan a vehicle so that others will not have to walk. And even something as simple as a smile and a bit of conversation in the line at the grocery store to make someone’s life that day a little brighter. These are the things that are commonplace in our little spot on this planet. These are the things that make us a little more than neighbors, they make us a family.


  So to all the “Dustins” out there in our valley that give without expecting something in return. That look after one another. That share what they have to make someone’s day better. That love with all of their hearts, thank you. Thank you for making this the best place to live. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and others. And thank you for letting me be a part of your “family”.