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  Last blog I touched on a theory that stated that there is a common thread that runs through music. A thread that bridges the genre gap and ties us all together. I have decided to call this series "Music Without Borders".  And now, the next episode.



   I am lucky to be able to listen to music for a living. Adding new music is one of my duties here at Kat Kountry. Every now and then I come across a song that will make me think of something I've heard before. The Thomas Rhett song "Remember You Young" was one of these songs. It reminded me of Billy Joel's "The Piano Man". I think of "The Piano Man" as a folk song. Folk music and Country music do in fact share similar roots and sounds so I am not thinking that this is too far of a leap. Some of the future entries will be a bit more of a jump than this one.  


   Please take a moment to listen to the Billy Joel Song first. Then we will move to Thomas Rhett.



   Now, Thomas Rhett.


   What struck me was the feel of the piano and the vibe of the two songs. No they are not exactly alike but do share a common thread. Each song with its own spirit but they seem to flow in the same vein. What do you think? Please, if so inclined, take a moment to email me and give me your thoughts.

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As always, thank you for taking the time to read and listen!!

Scotty Cameron