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I have had a theory that as humans we all share more in common than we have different. I have noticed this commonality in a few areas. We all want to be successful. We want our children to be successful and happy. We all eat and we all listen to music. It's the music aspect that I will be concentrating on in the next few blog entries.


   Music they say is the "universal language" I do subscribe to this theory. Every culture in the world has music. It is something that is hardwired into brains. Something to do with rhythms, melodies, and a good beat that makes us tap a toe, bob the head, or ought right get up and dance.  I believe that the "universal language" bears common threads that resonate in all types of music.


  I am a huge fan of Fusion cuisine. Where two styles of food are blended to create something entirely new. For example Asian cuisine and BBQ make excellent companions and there are many more examples out there. It is this  Fusion concept that I wish to illustrate here, but only in music.


  Let's take rap music. A style of music that on the surface seams 180 degrees from Country music. Tupac was an artist that never really appealed to me. That is until I heard his song combined with a favorite country song of mine. If you will bear with me and give me 15 minutes of your time I think this example will at the very least be interesting to you if not send you an a music rabbit hole of your own like it did me.



   First listen to this Tupac song "Do For Love". Yes it is rap but you will see in a moment where I am going with this.



Now One of my favorite Country songs, Sam Hunt; Take your Time.



Now here is where the magic starts to happen. Remember the Fusion concept we discussed? Here someone took the Tupac song Do For Love and Sam Hunt's Take Your Time and fused them to creat something entirely different. Listen to this..



Music is a very personal thing. We don't all like the same stuff. This would be a boring place if we did. However I would encourage you to explore different styles of music. Look for the commonality in different styles. Look for Fusion music that blends different genres. You may not like the example that I chose but it's only to get you thinking. Finding common threads in music only creates a greater appreciation for your favorites. Happy hunting.


If you find something out-of-the-box that you like, send it to me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.