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    I have found a common thread between weight loss and smoking brisket.


   When a person decides to learn how to smoke Brisket one must do a ton of research. In researching how to smoke Brisket I discovered that there is a point when you are smoking this wonderful cut of meat that the internal temperature will stay at the same degree for anywhere from one to three hours. You see what happens is that the amount of moisture evaporating out of the meat is enough to offset any temperature increase that would be gained by heating the meat. This is called "The Stall". It generally happens at around 165 degrees. It will just set there torturing you because you still need to get to 200 degrees or so before you're finished. This is why it takes hours to smoke large cuts of meat.


  "The Stall" is where the commonality is found. During your weight loss journey you will hit "The Stall". For whatever reason your body will go through an adjustment period at different points in this quest. This is totally normal. It is at this point that you can become discouraged. I am now at "The Stall".


   It is important at this point to stay the course. Stick with what you have been doing to get you to this point. Eventually your body will make the needed adjustments and the weight will start to drop off again. Don't beat yourself up and remember this is a natural part on this adventure. Keep making good decisions and you WILL be successful.


Scale reading this morning: 286


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