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  Weight loss is a marathon not a sprint. Here is where my journey led to this week.


    As you read last week I had some issues and gained 8 pounds back. As a matter of fact I gained 11 pounds before I was able to turn things back around. How you ask? By going back to the basics. The basics of how I lost the 59 pounds that I did. Redoubling my efforts and concentrating a little more on what I need to do. Eat the right stuff


    What is the right stuff? Well I will give you a dish that has been a mainstay in my diet since I decided to start this healthy eating plan. My Imitation Crab salad. Salad is an amazing vehicle for weight loss. It provides plenty of nutrients and is filling. You can change the ingredients to suit your appetite at the time. I use Romaine lettuce instead of Iceberg as it has more vitamins and minerals in it. I also add some green spinach for the same reason. The imitation crab has protein and is somewhat low in fat and carbohydrates. Croutons are a no-no as they are straight carbs. I also add some bean sprouts, cucumbers, and tomatoes. If you are not into crab skinless, boneless chicken breasts work well.

   Now, here is where we have the dressing discussion. You need to choose a dressing that is not going to add a lot of carbs and fat. Italian dressing and vinaigrettes are the way to go.  Ranch, Blue Cheese, 1,000 Island etc. are not great choices for weight loss. Be mindful of what you use. You can also use crushed tomatoes seasoned with herbs as a dressing (one of my favorites).


   You can change out the ingredients to fit your individual taste just be conscious of the factors that I mentioned above. With just a little creativity you can make salads that will satisfy your appetite and taste buds at the same time. Good luck!


Scale reading this morning 296


    Thank you for taking the time to read and if you have questions or comments (or recipes)   please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.