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Things have been going really good so far on my journey to lose weight. Really good until this week.


   I have been dealing with the stress of having to move and all of the stuff that accompanies moving.  As I mentioned last time I tend to comfort eat. I have been trying to not go off the deep end but I did have some things that I should not have had. My two downfalls this week have been Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  I made the choice to go off my diet. I was hoping that eating these things would take some of the stress away but in the end they just added to it. I have to be honest it was my choice to do this and I am not blaming my stress for this back sliding.


   I had to have a talk with myself this morning after I stepped onto the scale and it read 297. I was upset that I made a poor choice and ate things that I should not have. I am going to put last week behind me and forgive myself for my mistake. I was down to 291 and I will be there again. I am not going to let this bump in the road derail my attempt to get healthy and stay healthy. I owe it to myself and my family to persevere and be successful.  


   The take away from all of this is that we all make mistakes. We all mess up from time to time. Without failure there can be no success. The important thing(s) is to A) not be too hard on ourselves and B) not give up just because we messed up. As long as we are alive we can try again and eventually "fail our way to success".  I will win.


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