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Life is full of surprises. When you are trying to better yourself it seems like the world tries to throw you off course. Here is what happened to me this week


   I pay my rent on the 1st and 15th when I get paid. I pay half of it each time to spread it out over two paychecks. This Monday when we went to pay the landlord informed us that he had sold my house and that we have until September 1 to be out. I hate moving almost more than anything else so this sent me for quite the loop. It took me a couple days to process this major change in my life.


   We want to return to bad habits in times of stress and the first thing I wanted was to start comfort eating. I was able to talk myself off of the culinary ledge and stay on my new healthy eating plan.


    I bring this up to illustrate a point. Weight loss is mostly a head game. There is a lot of positive self talk and self guidance that goes on during this process and into the rest of your life after weight loss goals have been met. Yes, there is nutrition and science too but you have to be vigilant with your attitude and discipline.


   I did however treat myself a little. The human condition dictates that if you deny yourself all of the time at one point you will fall off of the wagon. So I allow myself a treat from time to time. I had the most delicious apple fritter yesterday. Having the aforementioned confection helped cure my cravings and yes, restore a little sanity. A wise man once told me to "scratch your butt, don't tear it clean off" so sin a little don't go off the deep end. It's all about the numbers. Watch the calories and make an allowance from time to time. Here is the apple fritter I had.

   I am happy to let you know that this morning my scale told me I was 291lbs. I started this at 350 so I am 59lbs down heading towards a goal of 250lbs.


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