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Life has a way of throwing a curveball your way from time to time. I never thought that at the age of 43 I would have already had three heart attacks, but it happened.


   For those of you that follow me on my personal Facebook page you know some of this and for those of you that don't here is the story. On the first of march my wife and I were waiting in the Las Vegas airport for our return trip after our vacation. At around 5:45pm I stood up to look at the landing planes and my heart immediately went into an arrhythmia ( abnormal rhythm) it was beating over 200 beats per minute. I started feeling dizzy and braced myself on the wall. The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor with my wife above me asking what happened. My heart was still beating like crazy and I could barely get up and go back to my seat. I had had these problems before but nothing like this time. This time my heart would not go back to its normal pace like before. Long story short, I did the dumb thing and got on my plane and flew home. In the ER at Minidoka Memorial they found that I had done damage to my heart and I was sent via ambulance to St Luke's in Twin Falls. Here I met my cardiologist Dr. Rosenblum. The first words he spoke to me were " I was going to give you a stress test , but I think you need an IQ test".  He was right. He was less than impressed with the fact that I chose to get on a plane in the middle of this.


   Since then I have had two more attacks that sent me to the ER and have had surgery to correct the defect in my heart. During the first heart attack I had a moment that I thought I would not make it. That put things in perspective for me. I am now on a journey to make myself healthy. I have been overweight all of my life. At my heaviest I weighed 380 pounds. They say you don't appreciate good health until it's gone. It's true.



   Last week I stepped on the scales and for the first time in two decades it read under 300 pounds. I have had people ask me how I have been doing it. No patches, no shakes, no pre-made meals, no supplements, and no gimmicks. Balanced diet and portion control.


    People have asked me what I eat and for recipes. In the weeks that follow I will blog my journey. The ups, downs, successes, and failures. I will post my diet and what activities I have been doing. I look forward to you joining me on this journey and being a part of it with me.

I should also add that I could not have made this journey without my wonderful wife Amber by my side. She is a stalwart woman with a strength that knows no bounds. 

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